2019 QX50
2019 QX50

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It’s all about pride. The pride we take in selling and servicing INFINITI brand vehicles, some of the most reliable, safe and innovative on the road today. The pride we take in ensuring your experience here at 401 Dixie INFINITI exceeds your expectations, from first appointment through final delivery...and beyond. The pride we take in giving back, particularly our direct involvement in 401 Dixie INFINITI events that support our entire community.

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As technology advances, expectations evolve. Dilawri is laser-focused on perfecting your shopping experience, be it online, in-store or at your home/office. As Canada’s largest automotive group, we boldly lead automotive retail forward, providing more ways to drive your deal and take delivery than any other retailer. 401 Dixie INFINITI is a proud member of Dilawri.

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The journey you have embarked upon towards the purchase of a new vehicle has changed rapidly in recent years. This website is likely your first point of contact with our dealership – and may be the only one in years to come! Our goal? Provide a seamless experience between online research and in-store shopping experience. 

As a member of Dilawri Group of Companies, Canada's largest and most respected dealership group, 401 Dixie INFINITI has access to tools and technology that other dealers just can't match. This means the entire purchase process is transparent and streamlined, from initial trade-in appraisal to final delivery. What's more, you are instantly part of Dilawri Rewards, a complimentary program that offers discounts on sales, service, parts and accessories that can be redeemed instantly.

Since 401 Dixie INFINITI is a leading INFINITI dealership, our pipeline of quality and dependable pre-owned INFINITI inventory is unmatched. Conveniently located in Mississauga, we are the ideal place in the Greater Toronto Area to make your next purchase.

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Innovative Technologies in the INFINITI Lineup

Most of the models in the INFINITI lineup come with some pretty exclusive technology, including advanced driver assistance technologies. As for the INFINITI QX50, it offers the unique and exclusive Variable Compression Turbocharged (VC-T) engine.

Variable Compression Turbo

The INFINITI QX50 offers one of the most impressive features in the industry: the INFINITI Variable Compression Turbocharged engine. How can a turbo engine be so unique and different? It took 20 years to develop and changes the way a traditional combustion engine works and performs. The VC-T engine has the ability to move the height of the piston in the cylinder, which means the compression ratio can go from 8:1 to 14:1. A low compression ratio means better performance while a high compression ratio means better fuel economy. The VC-T can therefore be both fast and efficient.

In other words, you get the best of both worlds with the INFINITI QX50 and the INFINITI VC-T engine. You’ll get the performance of a V6 engine with the efficiency of a four-cylinder engine. There’s no need to compromise with the INFINITI VC-T engine and new QX50.

Safety Technology

Luxury vehicles should answer all of your needs and make your life easier. They should also keep your family safe with innovative safety technologies that protect you on your journey. By monitoring the road ahead, active safety technologies detect potential dangers and warn you. INFINITI active safety technologies take it one step further. Let’s take a closer look at some of these unique systems.  

Predictive Forward Collision Warning

One of the most unique and advanced technologies available at INFINITI is the Predictive Forward Collision Warning (PCFW) system. The PFCW system not only detects what the vehicle ahead of you is doing but also monitors the vehicle in front of the one directly ahead of you. In other words, it takes into account more variables and has a better chance of reacting to unexpected problems ahead of time.


With INFINITI ProPILOT, you get three active safety technologies designed to keep you in your lane, keep a safe distance from slow vehicles on the highway, and distance control in other environments. In other words, ProPILOT improves comfort and safety by making driving safer and more enjoyable.

Backup Collision Intervention

With Backup Collision Intervention paired with Rear Cross Traffic Alert, you always know if another vehicle is approaching perpendicularly. The system can also brake automatically for you to prevent an accident. It makes it a lot easier to maneuver out of a hidden driveway or a crowded parking lot.

Amazing Service Department

At 401 Dixie INFINITI, we believe that the true mark of an outstanding dealership is its service department. We don’t want to merely meet your expectations but exceed them. A luxury vehicle such as an INFINITI deserves a stellar service department. We have special offers to help you get the best value for your money while providing quality attention to your vehicle. You can even book your service appointment online at your convenience. At 401 Dixie INFINITI, we aim to exceed your expectations every day.

Come to 401 Dixie INFINITI today and discover all of our products and services like pre-owned vehicles, high-quality genuine INFINITI parts and accessories, and more!